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FinTech Reinvented

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Fintech Reinvented is a product of Sustainable Finance Book Series In cooperation with SwissFinTechLadies

A chance to quit problem knowledge , focus on target knowledge and develop transformation knowledge and enable diversity The link to alternative approaches Methods and tools to change economy and business and align with the Sustainable Development Goals ?

Call for Papers
  • According to Tech Crunch in 2017 only 17 % of start-ups have a female founder.
  • Currently only 7 % female-led FinTech start-ups in Switzerland.
  • Of the 100 FinTech companies that raised venture capital funding in Europe in 2015, only five had female chief executives, and of their total 364 key executives, only 7% were women, according to an FN analysis of Dow Jones Venture Source and Factiva data.
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