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SRI Research

We help you with data driven research in your decision making process. We specialise on implementing theories of change for sustainability. We are happy to develop with you Blue Ocean products and adjust your strategy to implementing sustainability and ecosystem approaches.

The research and educational work of Sustainable Finance Association is supported by a scientific advisory board. With Prof. Dr. Margarethe Rammerstorfer (WU Vienna), Prof. Dr. Dimitris Christopoulos Modul University, Director of Centre of Networks and Enterprise Edinburgh Business School) and Prof. Villhauer (University of Tübingen, World Ethos Institute) Sustainable Finance has proven experts on questions of sustainability and corporate social responsibility to support the vision, mission and work of Sustainable Finance Association. The scientific advisory board will support the institution and our clients in defining the relevant research questions, that allow to instill the transformation of the clients’ institution . The research questions are tailor made to your needs. For instance Sustainable Finance can help to find out how to best increase your green to brown investment ratio, how to implement theories of change in your enterprise or instil  sustainable open finance. Our gap analysis approach will help define the right research questions.

Sustainable Finance Association is supporting you with tailor-made research starting with problem definition, solution scenarios and creating the necessary data points.

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We are using a holistic approach looking into strategies, context factors, business and process models and researching and connecting the data points informing decision making for doing the right thing  and achieve effective transformation.

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