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As the essential building blocks of the 2030 Agenda are an opportunity for product and service development. We help you to benefit from the development. We provide you with tailor-made research on sustainability, We have identified the following mega-trends in societies

  1. The recent upsurge in entrepreneurship in many countries (Fairlie et al. (2015); OECD (2016); Schwabel (2017)),
  2. Shifting attitudes towards the role of business in society (Deloitte 2016), and
  3. A broad policy push for social entrepreneurship and sustainable development which materialized in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Paris Agreement (UN 2015, UNFCCC 2015).
  4. Integration of Mediation and Design Thinking
  5. Servitization of products
  6. Increase in digital models
  7. Blockchain and industry 4.0

We help you to imagine the future and to connect the dots with our

  • econometric research
  • project management
  • design thinking process